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Associate of Arts
60-62 credit hours

The Associate of Arts in History is designed to introduce students to the skills and knowledge needed to enter the discipline of History. History - Statue of Liberty

The program is designed to offer several career paths. The Associates may be awarded as a terminal degree. The student may also continue his/her education by transferring to a four-year college or university and obtain a Bachelors, Masters and/or Ph.D. in History.

This degree articulates into the BA in History at the ENMU-Portales campus. Upon program completion students will be able to:

  • Explain the significance of history as an academic discipline.
  • Apply critical thinking in history.
  • Evaluate historical methods.
  • Demonstrate basic competency in state, national, and global history.
  • Evaluate philosophies and practices of citizenship/leadership in a global society in the past and present.


History - Constitution

History majors may work in museums, historic sites, state monuments, state and national parks, byway centers, tourism offices, visitor centers, cultural centers, archives, libraries or state and county historical societies.

History requires that students receive graduate level training (Masters) in order to teach history at a community college or a Ph.D. to teach at a university.

History majors are also prepared to enter numerous academic or career paths. These include political science, politics, government, law, diplomacy, libraries, and archives.


To learn more about the program requirements, click on the links below:

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