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Professor, Business Administration
Department Chair, Business and Information Systems

Education: I earned my BBA from New Mexico State University and an MBA from Eastern NM University.

Background: I am a New Mexican native, having been born in Roswell. Over my career, I have accumulated over 30 years of varied business experience. After completing my MBA in 1985, I began teaching business classes as an adjunct instructor for ENMU-Roswell. I continued this until moving to Ruidoso in 1991, which coincided with the opening of the ENMU-Ruidoso Instructional Center. I began my career with ENMU-Ruidoso in the fall semester of 1991 as the first adjunct business instructor for the college. I continued to teach classes for the college on a part-time basis until being hired as the first full time business instructor for the college in 2006. I am currently the Department Chair for Business and Information Systems. Additionally, I was awarded the rank of Professor in 2012 and was granted tenure in 2013.

About me: My wife Valerie and I have 5 children and 12 grandchildren. One thing I feel is important for my students to know is that I will concede I have been a bad student, but I have also been a good student. I remember the characteristics and habits for both types of students, and I learned it is not as much about smart as attitude and motivation. One characteristic of a bad student is the attitude that attendance is optional, but the good student is motivated to go to every class because it is an absolute given. Another is that the bad student may have the attitude that it will work out, and this class is not that important. The good student realizes that they have to be proactive to make it work, and there is a precious cost for each class.