CNA Program

6 credit hours

Male nurse attending to female patientThe certificate of occupational training in Nurse Assistant is designed to prepare students to successfully sit for the state nurse assistant certification examination.

The Nurse Assistant Program is designed to educate students in physical, emotional, and spiritual assessment of residents’ needs and concerns. Students receive training and practice in all state required resident care skills in the classroom lab as well as in several community settings. Students learn resident rights as well as the laws that protect those rights. Understanding of the role of the nurse assistant within the legal scope of practice is an expected outcome of this program.

Upon program completion students will be able to:

  • Care for people who are ill or have impaired self-care capabilities.
  • Have the necessary knowledge of body system functions including normal ranges for vital signs so that they are able to, assess and report patients/residents status to nursing staff.
  • Provide basic patient care such as feeding, bathing, range of motion exercises, transfer patients, change linens, mouth and dental care and repositioning.
  • Provide all indirect care as required by state guidelines including patient safety, patient rights and preferences, infection control and patient/resident comfort.
  • Any student who is ineligible for state, national, or industry licensure or certification is ineligible for entry into this program.

Certificate Requirements

  • NA 111: Nursing Assistant – 3
  • NA 111L: Nursing Assistant/L – 3

Nursing Assistant Certificate Gainful Employment Disclosure