Human Services Alcohol & Drug Abuse Studies

Certificate of Completion

18 credit hours

Young stoned man with heroin addiction sitting in bathroomThe Certificate of completion in Human Services Alcohol and Drug Abuse Studies is designed to prepare students to meet the State of New Mexico’s Counseling & Therapy Practice Board criteria for licensure as a Licensed Substance Abuse Associate (LSAA). To satisfy licensure requirements you must have a minimum of an Associate degree in counseling, counseling related field or a substance abuse related field from an accredited institution as well as 90 clock hours of education and training in the areas of alcohol, drug, and counseling.

Drunk teenager on the floor in a dark and sad place and an alcohol bottle in the foregroundCertificate topics include public policy and its impact on drug use, the effects of varied controlled substances and alcohol on the human body and brain, how to conduct assessments and interviews, implementing early prevention programs, and applying counseling methods supported by evidenced-based research.

Upon program completion students will be able to:

  • Explain the history of addiction counseling.
  • Describe physiological and psychological methodology for addiction treatment, including assessment of behavioral patterns.
  • Demonstrate client interview techniques.
  • Describe proven methods of addiction treatment.
  • Demonstrate planning and execution of treatment plans and discharge summaries.

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