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Whether you want to pursue a career or attend college, earning a high school equivalency credential is more important than ever. Now there is an affordable alternative to the GED® test that offers you more choices — the HiSET® exam from ETS.

The HiSET® exam provides important advantages that give you the best chance to succeed on test day.

More flexible. The HiSET exam can be taken in multiple formats and multiple languages, and it provides a number of accommodations for test takers with disabilities and health-related needs. See Requirements by State or Jurisdiction for available formats at your local test center.

More accessible. You'll have more test center options, so you can choose the one that's most convenient for you.

More affordable. The HiSET® exam is the least expensive high school equivalency test on the market.

Once you pass the HiSET® exam, you'll have the valuable state-issued credential you need to advance your career or continue your education.


New Mexico HiSET® Requirements:

The following policies apply to anyone taking the HiSET® exam in the state of New Mexico. When you schedule an appointment, you will need to confirm that you have read and understand these policies.

See the New Mexico Public Education Department website for more information.

New Mexico Eligibility Requirements:

To take the HiSET® exam in the state of New Mexico, you must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • High School Equivalency Status: You must not be enrolled nor required to be enrolled, in high school, and you must be without a high school diploma or high school equivalency certificate.
  • Age: If you are 18 years of age or older, you may text without any special conditions. If you are 16 or 17 years of age, you must complete an underage form (PDF) and submit it to the test center before scheduling your exam. No one under 16 may test.
  • Residency: You do not have to be a resident of New Mexico to take the HiSET® exam.
  • Test Preparation or Instruction: You are not required to take HiSET® preparation courses before taking the test.
  • Practice Test: Although taking a practice test prior to the exam is encouraged, you are not required to take it before taking the official exam.
  • Identification: When you register to take the HiSET® exam, you must provide a government-issued ID. Acceptable current photo identification includes:
    • New Mexico Driver's License
    • Photo ID cards issued by New Mexico Division of Motor Vehicles
    • Passport
    • Military ID
    • Other forms of national or foreign government ID

What does it cost?

The price per subtest is $10.00 ($50.00 for all five subtests). There is no re-test fee.


Can I take the HiSET® exam on paper or computer?

The HiSET exam is available as paper-delivered format only at the ENMU-Ruidoso Testing Center. If you prefer the computer-delivered format, make sure you choose a test center with that option available before scheduling your appointment. The price per subtest is $10.00 ($50.00 for all five subtests). There is no re-test fee.


How can I schedule an appointment for the HiSET® exam?

Once you are ready to take the text, you can schedule your testing appointment in one of two ways:

  • Online through your HiSET® account
  • By calling the ETS Customer Service

For additional information about how to schedule your exam, you can also contact your test center. However, you must schedule the actual appointment using one of the two methods above.


To reschedule your appointment, call an ETS representative 1-855-MyHiSET (1-855-694-4738) or contact your test center.


Exceptions: You must contact ETS to schedule your appointment if you:

What do I need to bring on the day of my test?

  • Acceptable and valid ID as required by New Mexico. Make sure your name on your ID appears exactly as it does on your profile you created in your HiSET account when you scheduled your HiSET® exam.
  • Layered clothing that will allow you to adapt to a range of room temperatures.

You do not need to be a resident of New Mexico to take the HiSET® exam in New Mexico so you do not need to provide proof of residency.


Please note: Cell phones, smartphones (e.g., Android®, BlackBerry® or iPhone® devices, etc.), PDAs and/or any other electronic, photographic, scanning, recording or listening devices are not permitted at the test center at all. See What to Bring for a list of additional items not permitted in the testing session.


How do I know if I've passed the HiSET® exam?

Each of the five subtests in the HiSET® exam is scored on a scale of 1-20. In order to pass you must do all three of the following:

  • Achieve a score of at least 8 on each of the five individual subtests
  • Score at least 2 out of 6 on the essay portion of the writing test
  • Have a total combined score on all five subtests of at least 45

Some states or jurisdictions may set passing scores that are higher, but under no circumstances can you pass with a total score lower than 45 on the exam. In New Mexico, you have three years from the initial date of testing to pass and complete all five subtests. After the Three years, scores are invalidated and you have to retake all subtests again.


For more information, go to and click on Requirements by State, then select New Mexico.




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