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Success Emporium Staff

Cheyenne Dowdell

Cheyenne Dowdell
Academic and Student Support Specialist

Destini Taylor

Destini Taylor
Navigator I; Technician

Jessica Ortiz

Jessica Ortiz
Student Services Specialist

Photo of Bonnie Torrez

Bonnie Torrez
Adult Education Instructor

Ashley Roberts

Ashley Roberts
Student Success Advocate

Hank Hargis

Hank Hargis

The Success Emporium of ENMU-Ruidoso provides services and resources dedicated to the personal development and academic achievement of all students. The Success Emporium collaborates with constituents in the greater Ruidoso learning community to support student success. The purpose of the Success Emporium is to guide students in the development and practice of academic skills to empower their independent learning.

The Success Emporium is located next to the reception desk (main entrance of the ENMU-Ruidoso campus).

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Tutors are available during regular business hours and into the evening. No appointment necessary, just come in prepared with the work with which you need assistance! Tutoring sessions typically last one hour.

Tutors are responsible for providing students with guidance that empowers their independent learning. Tutors can assist students with study skills and techniques as well as with content work. Tutoring will help anyone who receives it, however it is important to remember that individuals are responsible for their own success. Tutors are not permitted to: complete assignments, grade assignments, revise assignments, assist with quizzes and/or exams.

Tutors will empower students to achieve!

To get the most out of your tutoring session come prepared. Have all your materials ready to go and know the expectations of your assignments.

Although students can enroll using the listed CRNs, any students are encouraged to join the Academic Labs with no term commitment.

We are here to help you succeed!

Academic Workshops

The Success Emporium offers academic workshops which cover a range of topics, from study skills to career exploration. Academic workshops are offered at various times to accommodate all schedules. We are always on the lookout for presenters and open to topic suggestions.

Social Media

The Success Emporium Facebook page highlights events and information about college life.

For more information on the Success Emporium, call 575.315.1120