Dual Credit

Photo of high school students in school hallway

Dual Credit is an opportunity for qualified high school students to earn college-level credit while enrolled in high school courses. Tuition costs are waived by ENMU-Ruidoso and the high school supplies textbooks and supplies. The student is responsible for any course fees. Students are encouraged to earn credit towards a college certificate or degree. High school counselors or the ENMU-Ruidoso Success Emporium Advocates can advise students into the best program for their interests and course availability.

To Enroll:

    1. Discuss options with your counselor or ENMU-Ruidoso Advocate (575-315-1120) and choose a pathway.
    2. Complete the Registration Form online (or print and return it).
    3. Complete and return the Dual-Credit Application form.
    4. Complete the FERPA form and have your guardian sign it.
    5. Register for courses with your counselor or ENMU Advocate.

For assistance with the online admissions application process, view this video. If you still have questions, call 575-315-1120 and ask for the Success Emporium.

Popular Dual Credit Programs

Students, HS counselors, faculty, and parents: If you have any questions, contact the Success Emporium at 575-315-1120. Students may also contact their high school counselor.

Dual Credit Administrators and Instructors