Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Brochure (PDF)

2018-2023 Strategic Plan assumptions

  • Community college students are workforce; even those who intend to transfer to another institution seek a job or promotion.
  • On-target workforce training to business and industry partners will contribute significantly to the workforce economy and, therefore, the ENMU-Ruidoso community.
  • Leveraging of resources through formal and informal relationships/partnerships can maximize the success of students and the community.
  • Achieving results requires a data-informed culture that utilizes information to inform decision making for leadership, faculty, staff, and community leaders.
  • ENMU-Ruidoso, whether in its physical space, at its outreach efforts, or online, invites all constituents to come to the college to make a better life.

GOAL ONE: Student Ready

The college is ready and able to help students make a better life.


    1. Clear pathways that build marketable skills and careers
      1. Create an onboarding process that is student-focused and reduces time from application to enrollment.
      2. Guide students to connect their interests to practical career plans.
      3. Maximize schedule to support student completion.
      4. Design dual credit offerings to accelerate educational attainment for under-prepared students.
    2. Engaging co-curricular and learning activities that promote student success a. Provide effective tutoring and college-ready resources (e.g., iBest, mentoring).
      1. Establish a learning signature across classrooms and curriculum.
      2. Provide consistent instructional technologies to support active learning and engagement.
      3. Continuous improvement of the student experience throughout the college
    3. Integrate learning across training, credit, and community education.
      1. Whether face-to-face or online, students experience high caliber instruction.
      2. Utilize data analysis to remove barriers and inspire innovation.
      3. Provide professional development opportunities that support serving students.

GOAL TWO: Employer Ready

The college is ready and able to help business and industry strengthen the economic vitality of the region.


  1. Primary workforce solutions provider to business and industry
    1. Be agile and responsive to fluctuations in employer needs.
    2. Identify skills, technical proficiencies, and coursework needed through focus groups.
    3. Implement responsive scheduling (workforce training does not t an academic schedule).
    4. Leverage customized training and employee assessment services.
  2. Responsive partnerships with area employers to reduce the skills gap between job seekers and employer needs
    1. Use real time economic and labor market data (e.g., Burning Glass) to design robust curriculum to industry specific skills identified in current job descriptions.
    2. Market the college as a one-stop-shop business and industry solution to the regional economy.
    3. Cultivate relationships through creation of advisory committees.
    4. Create ‘maker space’ to foster innovation and development of new businesses.
  3. Stackable credentials as an onramp from entry-level jobs to credit pathways
    1. Offer short and specialized training certificates developed with the goal for completion in two to three months.
    2. Develop credits for prior experience and/or industry credentials.
    3. Utilize a skills-to-employment assessment (e.g., WorKeys) that identifies training opportunities and career paths for potential students.

GOAL THREE: Community Ready

The college is ready and able to promote personal growth, lifelong learning, and civic engagement.


  1. Proactive outreach that addresses the educational needs of residents in Lincoln County
    1. Reach out to under-served populations and rural communities to provide access to higher education and training.
    2. Build sustainable relationship with Mescalero Apache Tribe recognizing their unique standing in the region and community.
  2. Active partner in supporting a vibrant community life
    1. Connect small businesses to agencies and resources.
    2. Host local civic organizations, regional, and state meetings, community activities, conferences, and conventions.
    3. Develop service learning, community- based under graduate research, and community service projects.
    4. Promote the arts and cultural events, supporting creativity and personal expression.
  3. Strong champion for civility and civic engagement
    1. Build community engagement through dialogue.
    2. Provide space for gatherings and trainings that address health and safety of the community.
    3. Become a partner and/or sponsor of discussions that deal with emerging social issues that confront our residents.

GOAL FOUR: Mission Ready

The college is ready and able to fulfill its mission in a user-friendly online and on-campus environment where student and community life thrive.


Quality presence online and on-campus

  1. Prioritize technology and eLearning innovation to support a student-, employer-, and community-ready college.
    1. Redesign and maintain online and on-campus infrastructures to meet needs of students and community in an engaging, inspiring and approachable manner.
    2. Establish continuous and sustainable renovation.
    3. Design and implement campus security measures for campus facilities.
    4. Incorporate “green” building design and LEED (Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design) construction standards in all future projects.
  2. Sustainable development of additional financial resources
    1. Grow out-of-state student enrollments in courses and programs.
    2. Support legislative efforts to establish statutes that allow school districts to join the college district.
    3. Pursue approval from residents of other Lincoln County school districts to join the college district.
    4. Review viability of local bonds.
    5. Support statewide initiative for community college tax levy.
    6. Develop a strong alumni base to support the college’s mission and sustainability.
  3. High visibility and strong brand
    1. Define the college brand and provide leadership and professional development to align program and service delivery with the brand.
    2. Create annual marketing plan and framework.
    3. Publish polished, professional marketing materials that are consistent with the brand.
    4. Redesign client-friendly website that pulls businesses in and focuses on student needs.
    5. Create website links and inquiry follow-up for individuals and businesses seeking training and staff development solutions.