The overarching mission of ENMU-Ruidoso is to enhance the lives of our students and the communities we serve, now and into the future.

Eastern New Mexico University-Ruidoso Branch Community College combines a traditional learning environment with twenty-first century instructional technology to provide an enhanced educational experience. ENMU-Ruidoso emphasizes liberal education, freedom of inquiry, cultural diversity and whole student life. Scholarships, cultural enrichment, excellent teaching and enriched learning define the college community’s relationship and contributions.

The mission of ENMU-Ruidoso Branch Community College includes seven purposes:

  • To offer general academic studies for students wishing to transfer to a University
  • To offer career and technical education programs leading to gainful employment for students in their chosen field
  • To offer a dual credit enrollment Early College Program for qualified high school students
  • To offer workforce education and training services and provide institutional leadership in the economic development of the region
  • To offer programs of instruction leading to Associate degrees and Certificates of Completion
  • To offer lifelong learning opportunities for all citizens through continuing education and community service programs
  • To offer adult education for those wishing to achieve literacy skills, completion of a high school equivalency diploma and English proficiency

ENMU-Ruidoso Focus

  • Prepare students for meaningful careers and advanced study
  • Impart citizenship and leadership for the betterment of the community
  • Support and expand the role of higher education and excellent teaching
  • Empower citizens to respond to a rapidly changing world
  • Contribute to the economic viability and well-being of our community