Types of Financial Aid

Federal Pell Grant

This is Financial Aid that does not have to be paid back. (Unless, for example, the student would withdraw from school and owe a refund.)


This is money awarded to students based on academic or other achievements to help pay for education expenses and generally do not have to be repaid. Scholarships have different requirements.

Work-Study Jobs

This is a part-time work program which a student can earn money through work to help pay for school. Students must be eligible for financial aid in order to qualify for work-study jobs. There are many positions at the college to learn work-place skills. Ask your advocate for more information or call 575-315-1120. Applications are available at the front desk.

Lottery Scholarship

This is money that will pay a portion of tuition for New Mexico resident students who have obtained New Mexico diploma of excellence or high school equivalency recipients who immediately attend a New Mexico public 2 year college enrolled in 12 credits per semester or 4-year University enrolled in 15 credits per semester. Students must maintain a 2.5 GPA. This money does not have to be paid back.

Student Loans

This is borrowed money for college that must be repaid with interest. Loans must be repaid so be sure all options and responsibilities are understood. Student loans can come from the federal government, private banks or financial institutions. Know who is making the loan! Be clear on the Terms and Conditions of the loan!

Veteran’s Benefits

The Department of Veterans Affairs offers educational benefits for veterans, their dependents and for their widows.

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