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Closer to Completion

Artist rendering showing renovated exterior of ENMU-Ruidoso

Bond C passage helps finalize long-held vision for community

With 55-percent of the vote, Lincoln County voters approved the New Mexico Higher Education GO Bond C on Nov. 3, making it possible for the college to move forward to complete its three-phase renovation plan which began in 2019.

Statewide, the $156.3 million GO bond passed with 67-percent of the vote.

Of the total amount, ENMU-Ruidoso will receive $1.5 million to renovate the outside facade of its facility at 709 Mechem Dr.

The current college building, formerly a hardware store, was obtained in 1994. An adjacent structure, once a retail furniture store, was purchased in 2016. Interior revisions to these facilities are being made with funds provided by the New Mexico state legislature and a local general bond referendum approved by voters in Nov. 2019.

The exterior of the two structures has never been improved. GO Bond C funds will allow the college to create a facade that makes the two facilities look like one structure.

Interior renovations, now nearing completion, renovating existing classrooms for workforce programs, adding a multi-purpose classroom/community meeting space, seminar classrooms and students gathering spaces.

General Obligation Bond C (referred to as GO Bond C) asked voters to authorize the sale of bonds for needed renovations, upgrades and improvements to college and universities across the state.

Approval of the bond will not increase property taxes.

For many of New Mexico’s colleges and universities, ENMU-Ruidoso, a general obligation bond is the only source of funding for maintaining or modernizing facilities taxpayers have already paid for, improve safety and technology, and boost degree or certificate programs that give New Mexico students the knowledge and skills they need to pursue high-paying, in-demand careers.

These voter-approved funds are crucial to ensuring that schools remain competitive and are able to attract the best and brightest students and faculty, as well as provide a quality education.