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Student Spotlight: Katie Miller

Student Spotlight: Katie Miller photo
  Growing up in Ruidoso, I was always told about the importance of education. From a young age, I have enjoyed, reading and writing. Being homeschooled taught me to take control of my education. However, it was difficult for me to decide what career path I wanted to pursue after I graduated high school. ... [ Continue ]

Lending a Hand

Photo of Jessica Ortiz and Daniel Waldo
ENMU-Ruidoso employees live and work in the community and pitch in whenever there’s a need. To highlight one volunteer effort, several employees volunteer time and muscle to help distribute free food from the Lincoln County Food Bank’s Mobile Food Pantry each month. ... [ Continue ]

New Mexico Workforce Connection Center

Job Training through NMWCC, Tanis Torres photo
Ruidoso — The New Mexico Workforce Connection Center (NMWCC) located inside ENMU-Ruidoso’s Mechem Dr. campus is making a quiet but powerful impact to the area’s workforce needs. The center is the local contractor of federal funds earmarked for high quality trainings available to Job Seekers pursuing occupations in demand occupations as well as On-the-Job training with local employers. ... [ Continue ]

Sophomore Day at ENMU-Ruidoso

Photo of sophomores in biology class demonstration for Sophomore Day at ENMU-Ruidoso
(Ruidoso, NM) — On February 27, 2019, high school sophomores from throughout Lincoln County and Mescalero gathered at ENMU-Ruidoso to become better acquainted with the college. The purpose of Sophomore Day was to “plant an ENMU-Ruidoso seed” in the minds of local students and encourage them to explore the possibilities of higher education and dual credit programs. ... [ Continue ]

ENMU-Ruidoso Enrollment Grows County-Wide

4 students study on lawn
(Ruidoso) — Fall 2018 enrollment at ENMU-Ruidoso increased slightly from a year ago, to 631 students in credit classes from 615 in 2017. According to Dr. Pierre Laroche, the college’s vice president of student learning, the increase resulted from a growing dual credit enrollment across Lincoln County. ... [ Continue ]