Information Systems

Associate of Applied Science

Hands on a computer keyboard67 credit hours

The Associates of Applied Science in Information Systems (IS) is designed to introduce students to contemporary information systems and demonstrate how these systems are used throughout global organizations. The focus of this program will be on the key components of information systems – people, software, hardware, data, security, and communication technologies, and how these components can be integrated and managed to create competitive advantage. Upon completion of this degree program students will be prepared for entry level Information System jobs in Information Systems operations support and services.

Upon completion students will be able to:

  • Understand and explain how and why information systems are used today.
  • Understand globalization and the role information systems play in businesses.
  • Understand and analyze various types of information systems, including estimation of both costs and benefits.
  • Understand and apply the major components of an information systems infrastructure.
  • Understand, apply and evaluate how to secure information assurance.

*Additional hours may be required for program requirements for transfer students who are NMGEC complete.

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