GED® Test

The purpose of the test, General Educational Development (GED®) is to provide an opportunity for any adult who did not complete a high school program but would like to have their learning experiences encountered in everyday life evaluated and recognized. The GED® Test makes it possible for qualified individuals to earn a high school credential, thus providing opportunities for hundreds of thousands of adults to:

  • Pursue higher education
  • Obtain jobs or job promotions
  • Achieve personal goals

What is the GED® test?

The GED® test is a four-subject high school equivalency test that measures skills required by high schools and requested by colleges and employers. The four subjects are:

  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Mathematical Reasoning
  • Reasoning Through Language Arts

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Who is eligible to take the GED®?

  • Must be 16 years old and not enrolled in high school
  • Possess valid official picture ID (Drivers license, military ID, State ID). Expired identification cards are not valid

What does it cost?

  • $80.00 for the complete test (there is no re-test fee)
  • $20.00 per subject

How can I get scheduled to take the GED®?

The GED® is now administered online in a proctored environment. All you need to do to schedule your test is go to and create a MyGED today log-in. Then choose ENMU-Ruidoso as your test site. It will then prompt you to our scheduler. You can choose to take the entire test at once and pay the total fee; or you can choose to take it one at a time and pay for one at a time!

How can one prepare for the GED®?

Visit ENMU-Ruidoso Adult Education at 709 Mechem Drive or call 575-315-1111.

What are passing scores?

The GED® test will have a passing score of 150 on each test part. Therefore, you will need to reach a score of at least 150 on each part and a total score of 600 across the four-part battery in order to receive your GED® test credential.

What happens if my scores do not meet the minimum passing standard?

You can take a test module, and two subsequent module retests, with no restrictions between retakes. If you fail the second or any subsequent retest, the test taker must wait 60 days for each successive attempt.

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