Wildland Fire Science Program

Singed earth on the edge of a forestA firefighter confronts a wall of flamesLittle Queens Fire, Boise NF, Atlanta, Idaho, 2013

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ENMU-Ruidoso is pleased to offer a Certificate of Completion and an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Wildland Fire Science. The Certificate of Completion is a one year program preparing students to pursue employment with private, municipal, state or federal wildland firefighting organizations.

The Associate of Applied Science Degree, a two year-program is also designed to prepare students for entry into a career in wildland firefighting with private, municipal, state or federal wildland firefighting organizations. It includes basic and intermediate wildland fire suppression strategies, a foundation of forest science courses, as well as general education requirements. Both programs provide a stepping-stone to advance training in wildland fire suppression strategies and fireline leadership.

All technical coursework provided at ENMU-Ruidoso is endorsed and recognized by the National Wildfire Coordinating Group through a Memorandum of Understanding with the Pecos Zone Board in Southeast New Mexico. In addition to formal college credit, official NWCG certificates will be issued upon completion of coursework. These will transfer for credit with all Federal Land Management agencies, State Agencies and Municipal Fire Departments.

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Scholarship Opportunities
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Wildland Fire Science CC
Certificate Pathway
Wildland Fire Science Certificate Gainful Employment Disclosure

Wildland Fire Science AAS
Degree Pathway

Wildland Fire Crosswalk (Credit for Prior Learning)

Wildland Fire Student Checklist

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The Wildland Fire Science Program pathways were designed to offer a clear path for students to follow from beginning of the program through the completion of program towards graduation.

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