Create an FSA ID

To complete your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) you will first need to create an FSA ID, you can click the link below.

This link will take you to the Federal Student Aid website where you can create an FSA ID along with the application for Student Grants, Work Study Opportunities and Student Loans.

You will need to click on the Start A New FAFSA link.

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For New Students: when you click on Start a New FAFSA: a new screen will pop up. You will need to create a FSA ID is a Username and Password that will allow access into your personal information on Federal Student Aid Websites. This information needs to be kept in a very secure place and not given out freely.

Complete the section to the right to create a FSA ID:

Section to complete

You will enter your (student) information. If you are less than 24 years of age,


  • are not married,
  • do not have children,
  • are not a veteran or active duty,
  • not emancipated by the court,
  • not adopted,
  • or not homeless;

Your parents will ALSO need to have an FSA ID number separate from you. (Or one of your parents, whichever would be considered to have custody over you.)

Once the FSA ID is created and safely tucked away, with your Documents Needed To Apply list in front of you, you are ready to begin entering your information for the FAFSA. Enter the FSA ID and Password, click on NEXT and begin. Remember the school code for ENMU-Ruidoso is 002651.